In order to sell metal scrap you can take it to our purchasing place by your own, or you can use our company transport. We have a large fleet of vehicles in order to ensure a high standard of customer service.

Our mostly provided services related to metal scrap sale are: rent of container, scrap metal loading, transportation, dismantling of metal constructures.

We deduct the contamination rate of non-metallic impurities from the sold scrap metal total weight:  3 percent. - of ferrous and 1 percent. - from non-ferrous metal scrap.

Please, pay your attention, that, if You are selling the vehicle - we reduce approx.  ~200 kg from the car’s total weight for non-metallic components. If the car is partly dismantled or it is minivan with the bigger quantity of seats, then the weight of non-metallic parts we count down on the spot.

We pay for sold scrap metal immediately after acceptance. Accountability methods are cash or bank transfer to the account you specified.

For attention of Residents!
Natural person selling scrap metal has to submit identification document. According to the 2002. July 2. LR Personal Income Tax Act, the proceeds from the sale of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap are taxed at a 5 percent tax rate. Purchaser calculates 5 percent of the income tax from the metal prices and transfer it to the LR’s budget.

In any changes on the market situation, the company retains the right to adjust the pricelists and purchasing conditions.

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